Saree Draping Styles of Assam

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Muga Silk Saree:

A symbol of opulence, dexterity and style, Muga silk saree from Assam is a sari that has a tradition of centuries. Silk weaving is one of the prime industries in Assam and the business of weaving muga silk sarees spans generations. A humble looking cream-coloured variety of silk, itis a purest form of silk and is one of the costliest in the world. A high-quality silk, the most unique feature of muga silk is that it can never be dyed as it never absorbs any colour and hence retains the creamish shade. Its beauty is that the sheen of the sari enhances with age.

Traditional Assamese Mekhala Chadar:

Traditionally, the bridal saree in Assam is a two-piece called ‘Mekhala Chadar’. There is also a third piece called ‘reeha’, which is worn on special occasions like pujas, weddings and festivals as a mark of respect. In modern times, Mekhala Chadar style has been tweaked a little and is worn as any six yard saree popularly known as muga silk sari.

Bridal muga silk saree:

Bridal muga silk sarees come with heavy thread work. A single sari with thread work motifs takes nearly a week or 10 days to finish. Traditional motifs used on muga silk saris include Jappi (the typical Assami topi), Miri Gos Butta (a pattern of miniature tree motifs) and kabutar (pigeons). These motifs are always geometrical in shape and have not changed in years. Caught on with the trend, so popular are these motifs that they are now being adopted in other states and textile crafts.

Kaziranga sari:

Kaziranga saree is a casual wear and bears motifs of the one-horn rhinoceros and mostly it is done on pure cottons or silk blends.

The price of  muga silk starts from Rs.10,000 and goes up to Rs. 50,000!The reason they are so expensive is because the silk is extracted from cocoons of ‘Antheraea Assamensis’, the silk worm that is available only in Assam. One Kg of muga silk costs around Rs.13,000. Thus these sarees are exorbitantly priced but due to their high quality standards and features like rich golden hue, natural luster, resilience and strength and durability that is known to outlast the wearer, they are certainly worth their price.

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