Baluchari Silk and Cotton Sarees from West Bengal

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Baluchari sarees are art work from Bengal in silk and cotton fabric. The borders and pallu are weaved with exquisite motifs inspired by the epics, mythology and traditional texts, as also scenes from courtly life, in contrasting colorful threads. Each panel of these delicately woven sarees tells a timeless story.

A single sari can depict an entire episode from epics like Ramayana or Mahabharata, woven into its border and pallu. The magical weaves with their centuries-old tradition continue to enchant through generations. They take pride of place in the heirloom collection of Bengali women.

Baluchari sarees were inspired by the fine art of Jamdani weaving technique that was practiced in neighboring villages. The Nawabspatronizing the weave introduced the art to the weavers of Baluchar village of Murshidabad district in Bengal. The weavers not only embraced the weave but brought in their own style and produced what are today called Baluchari sarees.

Following the flooding of river Bhagirathi, a tributary of river Ganga, when Baluchar village submerged in water, the production of these sarees was shifted to Bishnupur. Diverse influence of rulers of Bengal can be seen in these sarees whose designs reflect influences from different religions and aesthetics, including typical Hindu designs to distinctive Persian patterns.

Baluchari sarees come in an array of colors from pristine whites to bright pinks and gorgeous blues and oranges which uplift the intricate and artistic designs displayed on them. The unique weaving style and the intricate designs in contrasting colors make Baluchari sarees unique. Their way of telling a story from epics through its weave makes them truly inspirational.

While Baluchari silk sarees have an aristocratic appeal and have been the status symbol for noble women of West Bengal, the Baluchari cotton saris are more a day to day wear for the women of Bengal. Because of the hot and humid climate in West Bengal, these handloom baluchari sarees made up of cotton give utmost comfort to its wearer. These cotton Baluchari sarees in pastel shades with prominent borders and pallus are elegant and have a style of their own.

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