Amazing features of Mulberry Silk Sarees

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Considered as the queen of silk, Mulberry silk dominates the handloom saree industry with its lustre, sensuousness and glamour. A luxurious and mature fabric, the gentle touch of Mulberry silk sarees is very soft on skin. Extremely light and comfortable, its luster is unparalleled. Considered high profile, it is perfect for special occasions like weddings and festivals. Not only for its looks, mulberry silk saree is also admired for its amazingly unique features:

  1. Keeps the wearer dry

While we are all aware that cotton is a breathable fabric, what many of us don’t know is that mulberry silk is even more breathable than cotton! It can wick moisture away twice as fast and reduce the humidity. Thus unlike the usual belief that it is impossible to wear silk in summer, wear good looking Mulberry silk sarees during summer weddings and stay comfortable and dry all day.

  1. Prevents overheating and keeps the wearer cool

Unlike in traditional silk sarees where the body heat gets trapped under the drape, mulberry silk sarees is surprisingly breathable as it efficiently wicks the sweat away. It cools the body down as it allows the sweat to escape from the skin preventing overheating and reducing hot flashes.

  1. Discourages Microbial Growth

Another amazing quality of Mulberry silk sarees is that it discourages bacteria and fungi from growth making them easily wearable even on hot and sultry days in humid climate.

  1. Avoids Skin Allergy and Rashes

Mulberry silk is a natural textile woven from the protein chains making up the silkworms’ cocoon. These silkworms are raised in captivity and feed harvested mulberry leaves to ensure the finest silk fabric is created. This cultivated environment is free of predators, meaning less need for harsh pesticides, like those used in cotton production. Thus, it is not only the softest, sturdiest and most durable silk of all but is also gentle on the skin without causing any skin rashes or allergy.

  1. Improves Complexion

Mulberry silk improves skin complexion because it is chemical-free and prevents bacteria from growing. Since bacteria infects skin and is responsible for acne, Mulberry silk prevents bacteria from infecting the skin in the first place and thereby reducing acne breakouts and also improving complexion.



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